What is JAAME?

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What is JAAME?

The Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment (JAAME) is a Committee responsible for conducting R&D of medical devices, encouraging their proper dissemination and improvement, and certifying them to promote the sound development of the medical device industry and train clinical engineers.

What is the History of JAAME?

JAAME stands for the Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment, and it was established in June 1985 as a nonprofit organization to contribute to the improvement of public health and the progress and advancement of medicine through implementing various medical device programs with the participation of technical experts, medical device businesses, and those who are involved in health care.

What are the Objectives of the Organization?

  • To carry out research & development and experiments of medical devices and subsidies for these.
  • To conduct research and collect and provide information on the research & development, production, import/export, distribution, placement, and use (hereinafter referred to as "research and development, etc.") of medical devices.
  • To provide guidance and other necessary technical assistance regarding the research and development of medical devices to medical institutions and medical devices-related companies.
  • To certify medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic drugs.
  • To provide training for technicians such as responsible technicians and handlers for medical devices.
  • To carry out the affairs related to the implementation of the clinical engineer examination.
  • To publish necessary publications and hold lectures.
  • To contact and cooperate with related organizations and organizations inside and outside Japan regarding medical devices.
  • To carry out other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose.

Meeting this challenging demand requires comprehensive knowledge of dealing with problems in various stages of medical device development, including research and development, production and distribution, import-export, placement, use, etc.

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